Xiaomi Soocas X3 Real Life Review

Xiaomi makes almost everything, even toothbrushes. Soocas X3 is a rebranded product (like most of Xiaomi stuff) made by Soocare Technology Co. Ltd. Let’s check if it’s worth buying it.

Package, design and specifications

It comes in a nice, simple package

Soocas X3 package
Soocas X3 package

Here is what you see when you open it. There is another box inside (you can see it on the right side of the photo) with toothbrush head, manual and charger.

Soocas X3 opened package
Box opened, pretty nice, huh?

Basically there’s toothbrush with protection cover, one toothbrush head (common cleaning type) with protection cover, wireless charger (chinese plug), chinese manual and that’s it! I think it’s worth to buy additional toothbrush heads, because you need to change them once per 3 months.

Toothbrush charger and chinese manual
Brand new toothbrush head – common cleaning type

Toothbrush charger model is: X3CW. It has IPX7 waterproof level, you can plug it to 110-240V and it’s 3W. The Soocas logo starts to illuminate when it’s plugged in.

Battery charger specs

There is chinese plug, so you may need to buy a proper plug adapter.

Chinese plug

What about specs? There we go:

  1. Handle input: 3.7V
  2. Charger input: 110-240V ~50-60Hz, 3W
  3. IPX7 waterproof standard
  4. Made in China by Soocare (Shenzhen) Technology Co. Ltd.
soocas x3 specs
Soocas X3 specs

You can also check product’s originality

Originality code – I didn’t check it 🙂

Here is toothbrush itself. I think everyone will love its design – it’s simple and elegant.

Soocas X3 top, before head assembly
Soocas X3 toothbrush after head assembly
soocas s3 bottom view
Soocas X3 bottom view with technical information


Basically there are 4 cleaning modes that you can choose from:

  1. Standard – about 31000 vibrations per minute. It’s for cleaning oral cavity, removing dental plaque and other particles. I’m using it daily.
  2. Sensitive – less vibrations per minute than standard. Intended for people with gums inflammation, tooth implants or briquettes.
  3. Beginner mode – use this mode if your gums are not in good condition or you’re using it for the first time (Xiaomi says you should use this mode for a week before you switch to another one).
  4. Whitening or individual – 34800-37200 vibrations per minute. It is intended to eliminate plaque after drinking coffee, smoking etc.
Soocas X3 toothbrush itself

As I said I’m using first mode (the top mode) and I think it’s the best for everyday usage if you have no problem with gums or teeths. It will clean your teeths better than manual toothbrush (especially if you use manual one in a wrong way), but in my opinion it’s not the best at cleaning tongue – toothbrush head is just too small and soft. It’s better to use manual toothbrush for tongue cleaning.

What about cleaning technique? Put a little bit of toothpaste on toothbrush head and spread it all over your teeths (just like with manual one). Choose proper cleaning mode (it will be saved after cleaning, so you won’t have to choose it again next time) and start cleaning your teeths’s side (with 45 degree angle) and top moving slowly. Soocas X3 works for 2 minutes with 3 short breaks – after 30, 60 and 90 seconds. Try to clean left bottom area in 30 seconds, then right bottom in another 30 seconds et cetera. You can clean for another 2 minutes if you want.

Battery life

There are three dots showing battery level (3 dots = 100%, 2 dots = 66%, 1 dot = 33%). Battery capacity is 1000 mAh. I’m using it for 2 weeks, but I was charging it – my bad.

I’ve charged it fully today (02.12.2017) and I won’t charge it anymore from now on so I can update this paragraph when battery will be empty (for your information – I’m using it like 3 times per day).

soocas x3 battery level
Soocas X3 battery level indicators

Waterproof test

Here’s a short YouTube video showing Soocas X3 being covered with water.

Well, it is waterproof!


There is an english application for Android. You can get it here: https://apkpure.com/soocas/com.soocare.international

Soocas Android application

Install it, create account, click on top left button, go to “My toothbrush” and bind it. You have to give all permissions to Soocas application to make binding work.

You can set brushing time to 2.5 minutes and last 10/30 seconds cleaning method.

Toothbrush customization

Pros and cons


  1. It’s really nice looking toothbrush
  2. Cleans your teeths better than manual toothbrush
  3. Four cleaning modes – I think that’s enough for everyone
  4. Long battery working time (according to specs)
  5. It’s customizable via app


  1. Not the best in tongue cleaning
  2. Long charging time (according to specs)

This toothbrush is like the movie “The Green Mile” – it’s really good. I recommend that product.

Where can I buy it?


Xiaomi Soocas X3 Toothbrush White

Xiaomi SOOCAS X3 Sonic Toothbrush Black

Xiaomi SOOCAS X3 Sonic Toothbrush White PL

Toothbrush heads:

2pcs SOOCARE Toothbrush Head Common Clean

2x SOOCAS X3 Toothbrush Head Common Cleaning Black

2x SOOCARE Deep Clean Toothbrush Head

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