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Here are the latest Aliexpress coupons. Updated on 18.10.2020 (October 2020). Remember that:
– you need to paste text coupons in the cart without any spaces (just delete spaces before and after coupon text),
– you can combine store coupons, SELECT coupons, seller discount and text coupons…

Latest Aliexpress deals on Telegram:

SELECT coupons
Coupon: here

$1/3 coupon: PATIENCE

Coupon Center
Coupon: here

Game 1 – Get 99% Off with friends
Coupon: here

Game 2 (you can win -$2 min. $15)
Coupon: here

Game 3 (you can win -$2 min. $15)
Coupon: here

Coupon Pals – pretty nice coupons
Coupon: here

Exchange coins for coupons
Coupon: here

-$2 min. $3 (new user):
Coupon: You need to create new Aliexpress account and you will get this coupon automatically (before that change your IP and web browser, clear cookies. Do not do this too often.).

-$4 min. 5 (new users (accounts) only):
Coupon: PPRLL6GQ or aliex492 or aliex622 or aliex132 or PEZQ9NUC or aliex643 or aliex342 or aliex344 or aliex537 or aliex563 or fb010 or aliex343 or MAYAE4 or eternal018 or MANSG5 or OBING or PP4BTL93 or ALIVERANO3 or ALIVERANO4 or nfc44 or FANGOL20 or BPNEW4 or aliex611 or ALIVIP or KASTROS105 or aliex123 or P9LFLPRZ or DDOB14 or NEWBSW4 or EXP38 or FANGOL20 or aliex626 or TS921NEW or PRWAJ25N

46 thoughts on “Aliexpress Coupons”

  1. Thx, but they are gone extremely fast when I click the link and repaste the coupon.
    This site is primarily to the sale couponsfromchina have an aliexpress dedicated page where you past these sitewide coupons.
    or was it primarily just in relation with the 7-1 sale..?

  2. About Game 2 (the one with the shooting arrow).

    Has anyone won anything?
    I won some coins, but I can’t find where they are.

    Also I won something which I didn’t understand exactly what it was.
    It said “Congratulations”, “You won” and some stars and colors
    This reward also I cannot find where it is.

    I think it’s a scam.

  3. Is it just me or are there now many fewer listings where you can use a select coupon?

    Coins are becoming less useful now.

  4. None of the express sale coupons work. and the ones who do work- are limited to a certain country, that no one knows which country is it

      1. Thanks! Unfortunately, the 4$ off 40$ red Aliexpress coupon is only valid to a small number of items and can not be applied over all the products, like red coupons usually do. Will stay tuned here with the F5 button to check it any new coupons are available 🙂

  5. I really cherish these aliexpress-coupon you share with us.
    Great work sysop.
    I tried the latest-$2.58/12.90 the one with the “will not work for all accounts” and had hoped it perhaps was because I was not behind an Russia vpn, but even that and wit an russian IP, did not make it valid., usually it is just enough that you change your country and currency as you highlight, but it seems that coupon-code is based in something else.
    There is a sale coming in 3 days, hopefully, there will come some site-wide coupon at that time.
    again thx for all your work, highly appreciated.

  6. Unfortunately, we can’t use most of the Aliexpress sale coupons, as they show an error message, saying “This promo code can only be used by buyers in specific countries.” while the only ones (7$-50) that aren’t reserved for this specific country are not valid anymore.

    $3/20 – ALIMAJ3
    €4/35 – ALIMAYO4
    €6/50 – ALIMAYO6 / ALIMAYO6
    €8/75 – ALIMAYO8

      1. MAYAE7MAY / ALIMAJ7MAY / ALIMAJ3 – these codes don’t work anymore. It says: “This promo code is a limited offer and is no longer available.”. Is it possible that they will be valid again (I don’t know – maybe tomorrow?) or is this deal over?

  7. It looks that the “$1.95/15.61 coupon (you MUST change country to Russia and currency to RUB)” is only for selected item and is not a global red coupon. I tried to make several orders with it, and couldn’t use it

  8. Unfortunately, none of these work:
    International coupons:
    XDAY2 – €2/15
    XDAY5 – €5/35
    XDAY10 – €10/65
    XDAY12 – €12/150

  9. Are these codes for new buyers $4 off $5 working anymore? I tried but got message that it was for limited time and it is not applicable anymore. Anyone managed to succeed?

      1. Thanks, I also tried using them but it shows that it doesn’t fit my country. I wonder which countries are these coupon are suitable for. And also, Upon trying the new coupon code AEALERABAT5 I get an error message, could it be that this code has additional numbers or letters?

  10. New user coupons have stopped working for me. When I go to pay, a security error appears and the order is canceled immediately.

    I did it with different ips, but I think they are detecting the card. The error starts with CSC72000XX code. Secutiry problems.

    I think it could be by creating 2 accounts in a very short time. I can’t even buy the items in the section at 0.01

    Anyone else has happened?

    1. Did you change:
      – IP address (not VPN/proxy),
      – web browser,
      – payment method?
      Did you also delete cookies?

      1. IP address changed
        I created the account with Aliexpress App, but previously i do a hard reset of the mobile phone
        the payment method is the same, with credit card.

        I think the problem may then be that, the payment method.

        What I do not know, if later I will be able to create another account or I am already blocked with that payment method.

        1. Try another payment method now and later (at least wait for a month) try that old payment method (card). Obviously creating new accounts is against the rules and they may block you harder (like blocking shipping address). I have no experience with creating new accounts on Aliexpress though.

          1. I’ll try it that way. I will comment later how it was, if they removed the block in the payment method.

            The shipping address block is worse. I will have to be careful in these things

      1. It was my mistake, sorry. I thought that when my comment disappeared from the web, they had deleted it. But it seems then that it is the moderation process.

        1. Yes, there’s a moderation process. There’re a lot of evil people that are trying to spam my website in comments section.

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