Xiaomi Roidmi 2S International ($10.99) Coupon Price

Current coupons for Xiaomi Roidmi 2S International! Whoa, it’s flash sale right now. You can use 3 country-specific coupon codes for this product!
Latest coupon and price update (UTC): 2018-01-23 09:54:13
Warehouse is located in China.

Coupons for Xiaomi Roidmi 2S International

Link: Gearbest product page

Flash sale price: $14.99

There are 3 active country-specific coupons (country list may be incomplete)!
Coupon 1 ($10.99): NEUYEARDE02 (Country: Germany)
Coupon 2 ($10.99): GBNY034 (Country: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, CzechRepublic, Greece, Hungary, IsleOfMan, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand)
Coupon 3 ($11.99): TRGB18011708 (Country: Turkey)

Dispatch: on Jan 24
Old coupons: CARCHARGER, ROIDMIS, KHJA, AFFOXR2S, WYKOPROIDMI, RMI2SAB, HARVEST203, 11NOV027, 11NOV115, 11NOV302, RM2SGB, 11NOV378, 11NOV400, 11.11GB012, 11.11GB048, GBXM2S2S
(system checks these coupons on every price check (like once per 24 hours), but you can check them out anyway)


– V4.2 Hands-free Call FM Transmitter 5V 2.4A Output APP Real-time Monitor for iOS / Android

The shipping cost to a buyer depends on where you’re shipping the item and the shipping method you use. It’s for free in most cases.

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